Would you like to donate? – Make an Impact!

By making a gift to the Rose Garden today, you are not only making an investment in our doctors to develop better, safer world that will extend the lives of cancer patients, but you are also helping us to do that sooner. We have various options to make a donation.


Donate for the Hospice – A Cancer Memorial

We aim to build a Cancer Memorial in the name of your loved one(s) also treat terminally ill patient at free of cost. We have been through your pain. Finding difficult to handle it? Do you think your loved one needs a palliative care?  Would you like to contribute for your loved one(s)? Then, our hospice is the best place.


Donate in Memory

Celebrate the life of a loved one while supporting our vital work by making a donation, creating an online tribute or by leaving a legacy in their memory.


Donate for Cause – Cancer Type(s)

Help us conquer the cancer that matters most to you or donate to an area of our research.

Make a Donation


You can make a one-time gift or a recurring gift to help sustain our life saving work. By making a personal donation or on behalf of an organization now, you’re helping Rose Garden fund more research that will one day lead to cures for all cancers.

Make a Memorial Gift


A memorial gift is a beautiful testament to the life of a beloved family member or friend who has passed on. It can be just the right way for expressing compassion to someone who has had a loss.

Make a Honor Gift


Wondering what to give the person who has everything? Celebrate your spouse’s birthday, parents’ anniversary, friend’s wedding or retirement with an alternative gift to Rose Garden in their honor.

Your Donation Adds Up to MORE Than You Think.

All you donate will be effectively utilized for any of the following,

  • Building of the cancer memorial – A permanant memory
  • Research on Cancer
  • Treat Poor Patients
  • Eradicate Cancer at all levels

Would you like to see our donor list?

Donate for the poor


We do accept donations to treat poor cancer patients who do not have the money to undertake treatments. Please so support them in a way. Look for our donor list below.