Myth: Undergoing cancer treatment means you can’t live at home, work or go about your usual activities
Truth: Most people with cancer are treated on an outpatient basis in their home communities.

At times it may be helpful to travel to a specialty medical center for treatment. But often, doctors at such a medical center can work with doctors in your hometown so that you can be with your family and friends and perhaps even resume work.

A lot of research has gone into making it easier for people to live more-normal lives during their cancer treatment. For example, drugs are now available to help better control nausea. The result is you’re often able to work and stay active during your treatment.

Cancer is not always painful. Early diagnosis and treatment will yield a better quality life even after the onset of the disease. In this fast running world, there is only a minimal exposure to the awareness of reasons and symptoms of cancer.

We request the public to make use our service – in conducting free cancer screening camps. we have conducted more than 300 free camps in both urban and rural parts of Tamilnadu. We have screened a handful of cases in their early cancer stages and provided them with quality treatment.

To bring about any change…awareness is the primary tool.

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