You might think about charity as something you do with the extra change you find lying around, or by supporting a friend running in a local race. That’s how we used to feel — until we learned how much even a modest amount of charity can accomplish when given to the right organizations.

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Thanks for helping Nithya:

We vow a great thanks to the beautiful hearts who came up with their contributions to save Ms. Nithya, who was suffering from breast cancer and needed a Chemoport support for her further Chemotherapy. We extend a special thanks to Ms.Anitha Sathiyam,a Documentary Photographer on behalf of Rosegarden trust, for her complete moral support and for pooling in funds from students.

1. KWA , Quatar – Rs 10,000
2. Dr. Vigneshwari – Rs 4000

Details of donation from Students of Law and Engineering and Photographers:

The total sum of Rs 30,000/- were contributed by the following kind hearts.

1. Shankar
2. Shyan
3. Elamath
4. Archana
5. Dayalu
6. Anjana
7. Aishwarya
8. Georg
9. Fathim
10. Agnes
11. Kowshik
12. John Paul
13. Anushya
14. Jeevitha
15. Dorshan
16. Abu
17. Chaitany
18. Karthi
19. Charulata
20. Anciy
21. Jeeny
22. Chendar
23. Arthi
24. Gokul
25. Sasi
26. Sriram sivabalan
27. Sivasiddarth
28. Jayaprakash
29. Sangeetha
30. Siva
31. Balasubramaniyan
32. Mohan
33. Shanthini
34. Delepan
35. Sundarajan
36. Brinda
37. Arun
38. Vivek.

Rose Garden Charitable Trust, Trichy – A Plea for donation

Rose Garden Charitable Trust, Trichy offers free treatment for poor cancer patients. This facility is available in collaboration with Harshamitra Super speciality Cancer Centre and Research Institute, Trichy.

Poor cancer patients who need assistance for cancer treatment may contact the numbers given below.

Those who want to donate for the treatment of poor cancer patients can also donate to the trust. The donations are exempt from income tax under section 80G of the income tax. Your donations will reach the needy poor patients and the details of the beneficiaries will be shared confidentially with the donors.

Those who are willing to donate or those who are in need of assistance for cancer treatment can contact us.

Please share this message to all you know. Let there be none suffering with cancer without treatment for want of money.

Love to Live; Live to Love!
Rose Garden Charitable Trust for Cancer, Trichy. Ph: 7373621777, 7373806777


Thank You


No 91
E E.V.R Road
Trichy – 17

On behalf of Rose Garden, we would like to thank you for your contribution of INR. 50,000 “IN MEMORY OF MY GRANDFATHER Mr. C. THIRUVENGADAM NAIDU’ S DREAM”. Your financial support helps us continue in our mission and to assist those in our community.The generous support of individuals like you makes it possible for our organization to exist and to make the community a great place to live. Thank you again for your support!